Avoid Virus In Torrent

If you frequently access the internet, you must have certainly heard of the term Torrent, but some people still don’t know what a torrent is. In addition to the advantages it has, it turns out that the torrent also has disadvantages and even risks that are quite dangerous. Not infrequently torrent users will be followed by the danger that the downloaded file can contain various viruses and even adware. Most torrent sites only have a function as a downloader only so for example the file you received contains a virus then you also store the virus.

Torrent is also easily infected by hacking computers that have been misused by hackers. Hackers can easily hijack your files, retrieve your private data or enter viruses into your computer. Some countries prohibit the use of torrents including England, Germany, Italy, India and so on. So are you still interested in downloading files via torrent? If so, you can try to download files via torrent. But make sure the files you download are free from viruses.

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